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Become a Credit Agent

Do you want financial independence?

Become a Credit Repair Agent in your Local Area.

Help consumers with credit issues get back on track so they can achieve their financial goals.

The credit industry is a 6 billion dollar/year industry, and I am launching a credit repair franchise. You will be able to do this from home, operating in all 50 states. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. This is a way to build real wealth, and be able to work from home, making your own schedule. This will allow you to have time for friends, family, and to do things that a traditional 9 - 5 will not allow.

Join the Team, and help others improve their lives. Get paid what you're worth! We have an absolutely wonderful compensation plan. You can earn full-time pay for part-time work, especially with the bonuses and residual income

Full Training and Support Provided!

As an agent your credit is also repaired. You have access to the same Protection Plan we provide to our customers, plus you receive a $30,000 Life Insurance Policy.

Click Here to launch a great career opportunity. 

Follow these instructions below.

1. Click on, and watch the Opportunity Video.

2. Once complete click on Career Opportunity above the video.

3. Click on "Join Our Team, Enroll Now" on the left.

Click here to submit any questions you may have.